6 Podcast Marketing Myths That Are Holding You Back

6 Podcast Marketing Myths That Are Holding You Back | Listeners to Leads

With so many opinions out there on the “correct” way to market your podcast, it’s no wonder myths can take hold and gain traction quickly. Today, I’m busting 6 common myths about podcast marketing that might be keeping you from seeing the results you want with both your podcast and your business. This week, episode 147 of Listeners to Leads is about the six podcast marketing mistakes that are holding you back! 

Key Takeaways:

  • You’re not the only one disenchanted with social media marketing for your podcast.
  • Podcasting is a long game – seeing results will take time.
  • SEO is more important than ever for podcasters.
  • Never compare yourself to other podcasters, whether they have ten followers or 10,000.

6 Podcast Marketing Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Myth #1: Social Media is All You Need

We’ve been conditioned to think social media is the end-all-be-all of marketing. But the truth is, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. Relying solely on social won’t cut it long-term. You need a well-rounded, multifaceted strategy that meets listeners where they are – whether that’s local events, industry conferences, or niche forums. Don’t neglect other marketing channels.

Myth #2: Patience Isn’t Required

The slow burn is real in podcasting. Most shows don’t see meaningful growth for 6-12 months as you build an archive and audience over time. Consistency is more important than quick wins. If you expect overnight success, you’ll only experience frustration. Managing realistic expectations around the long game is vital to success.

Myth #3: You Can’t Compete with Celebrity Podcasters

Don’t ever discount the importance of your unique voice and perspective. Someone out there needs to hear what you have to say. Resist the urge to compare yourself to celebrities – your message is just as meaningful for your target listeners. Have confidence that your content has value regardless of download counts.

Myth #4: SEO Doesn’t Apply to Podcasts

This one blows my mind. SEO is just as critical for podcasts as any other content medium. Take the time to optimize your episodes for relevant keywords and you’ll see your show ranking in podcast apps and search engines. Leaving discoverability on the table by ignoring SEO is a missed opportunity.

Myth #5: You Need Big Name Guests

Chasing big celebrities for the download bump is a trap. While high-profile guests have their place, focus first on providing value for your listeners. Variety is key – diversify your guests beyond fame to include subject matter experts and thought leaders in your niche. Quality over quantity will serve you better in building a loyal fanbase

Myth #6: Only Promote Your Latest Episode

Evergreen content is gold! Repurpose and reshare your past episodes on social media, your website, and industry forums. This keeps your show top of mind with new and old listeners alike. With an archive of evergreen content, you have unlimited marketing potential at your fingertips – so put it to use!

Have any of these myths been holding you back? Send me a DM and let me know! 

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