I’m a podcast producer and manager for business owners and thought leaders looking to have a lead-generating podcast.

I love serving the world by helping no BS coaches launch and maintain strategic podcasts that bring them leads, land them speaking gigs, and connect them with their audience.

I work with those who have an established audience that they are looking to connect with in a new way. They don’t always know where to start when launching a podcast and that’s where I come in!

I’ve been listening to podcasts since 2015 (yeah, holy shit!) and I know what goes into creating a good podcast that catches your audience’s attention right away. With multiple launches under my belt plus a personal podcast with raving fans, I’ve created systems around podcast launches and management so you don’t have to stress about anything falling through the cracks.

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There are two key packages that we offer our clients.

  • VIP Full-Service Podcast Launch & Management
  • Omnipresent Full-Service Podcast Launch & Management

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