Aligning Your Podcast Marketing Strategy with Your Values with Becky Mollenkamp

Aligning Your Podcast Marketing Strategy with Your Values with Becky Mollenkamp | Listeners to Leads

With so much information about marketing available from so many different experts, it can feel overwhelming finding what you ’should’ do to promote your work. But your marketing strategy, whether for your podcast or your business, does NOT have to look like everyone else’s! Becky Mollenkamp knows this better than most, having switched her email marketing strategy from Convertkit to Substack and finding a new marketing model that supports her business and personal values. Becky is here today to talk about the tool switch, thinking beyond lead generation, and more. This week, episode 154 of Listeners to Leads is about aligning your podcast marketing strategy to your values! 

Key Takeaways:

  • Defining feminism and exploring new ways of living and fulfillment.
  • How Becky’s podcast changed as she defined her values and shifted her coaching practice.
  • Using Substack for email marketing for your podcast and business.
  • Thinking beyond lead generation and towards community-building.

Aligning Your Podcast Marketing Strategy with Your Values with Becky Mollenkamp

As podcasters and online entrepreneurs, it’s all too easy to get caught up in chasing metrics and following outdated “best practices.” But as my recent guest Becky Mollencamp reminded me, true success is about so much more. It’s about building genuine relationships, continually adapting our strategies, and showing up authentically for our audiences. 

Becky’s journey exemplifies this evolution. She started in 2016 with a mindset coaching podcast, but realized over time that she wanted to have deeper discussions challenging systems of oppression. This led to shifting her focus to intersectional feminism with the Feminist Founders podcast. 

Along the way, Becky also made important changes to how she engaged with her email list and monetized her work. She discussed transparently letting go of feeling resentful on ConvertKit in favor of the more relational experience offered on Substack. There, paid subscribers directly support her labor in creating impactful content.

Three key lessons I took from our conversation:

Prioritize Relationships Over Quick Wins

Becky emphasized building community through in-depth conversations, not just growing her list or chasing leads. She challenges the notion that “one size fits all” in business by continually adapting to feel aligned. 

Continually Evolve Your Strategies 

The pandemic changed everything about how people engage online. Becky realized holding onto outdated practices like lengthy email sequences no longer served her or her audience. She embraced evolution.

Leverage Multiple Platforms For Connection  

In addition to her podcast, Becky utilizes Substack to foster deeper connections through bonus content and community forums. This shows how multiple complementary platforms can work together for greater impact.

If you’re looking to bring more heart and thoughtfulness into your work, I highly recommend checking out Becky’s podcast. She provides inspiring discussions on challenging norms to make positive change. Sometimes the best paths are those less followed – are you open to evolving your approach?

Be sure to tune in to all the episodes to receive tons of practical tips on turning your podcast listeners into leads and to hear even more about the points outlined above. 

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