Avoid These 4 Common Podcast Pitching Mistakes

Avoid These Common Podcast Pitching Mistakes

Guest appearances are a powerful growth strategy for podcasts. But to land those coveted spots, you must avoid the pitfalls that plague many pitches. To ensure success, you’ll want to avoid these common podcast pitching mistakes.

Whether you are a new podcaster or a pro, you’ve probably received terrible pitches. I’ve received everything from misgendered pitches to pitches that don’t even mention my podcast or why the guest would be a good fit.

When I talk to other podcasters, they usually tell me the same thing. The vast majority of pitches we receive daily are terrible!

Let’s dive into the most common mistakes and how to craft a pitch that converts.

Avoid These Common Podcast Pitching Mistakes

Before we dive into the common podcast pitching mistakes, it’s important to understand why pitching to podcasts is important. If you are a business owner or podcaster, being a podcast guest can help you quickly and efficiently get your message out there. 

Why Pitching Matters

We’ve seen from our client’s success that being a guest on other podcasts is the #1 way to grow your show. It gets the quickest results and brings in aligned podcast listeners to your show. As a podcast host, you’ll want to utilize podcast pitching into your podcast growth strategies. 

Guest podcasting offers incredible benefits:

You can reach new audiences

Tap into established listener bases of other shows, expanding your reach directly to your ideal audience. One of the leading ways to learn about a new podcast is by hearing about it from another show. This works!

Build authority

Align yourself with respected podcasts in your niche, boosting your credibility and expertise. If you want to speak on more stages, have high-quality podcast episodes, you can direct decision-makers to give you more credibility as a speaker.

Create valuable connections

I have created incredible connections by being a guest and having guests on my podcast. These relationships have led to collaborations 

The problem – If you are looking to be a guest on a podcast, you are one of almost 3 million people who are actively looking to guest on podcasts. And with only about 115 thousand podcasts currently accepting guests, the numbers are not in your favor. (The AE Podcast Report – March 2024)

The solution – Create a pitch that will allow you to show how you can give value to that host’s audience.

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Mistake #1: Skipping Your Research

Generic, impersonal pitches scream, “I don’t care about your show.” And they don’t stand out from the sea of terrible pitches. 

Here’s how you can demonstrate that you have a genuine interest in the show:

Deep-dive into their content on the podcast and beyond. Listen to several episodes, paying attention to themes, past guests, and the host’s style. Find a commonality that allows you to connect with them human-to-human.

Identify knowledge gaps. Can you offer a fresh perspective on a topic they’ve already covered? This significantly increases your value proposition. Let them know which episode it was, what you enjoyed, and how you can bring more value to their audience.

Reference specific episodes. Show you’re a dedicated listener by mentioning insights you gained or a particular moment that resonated with you. And be genuine about it. Don’t just say you found it interesting. Everyone could say that. Share how it opened your eyes to a new perspective.

Mistake #2: Impersonal Mass Blasts

A friend recently mentioned that they received a pitch that still had parts of the template in the email. So instead of stating her podcast name, the email read like this: Hi [Podcaster], I love what you’re doing with the [Insert Name] Podcast.

That is not a good look at all! It’s the easiest way to get your email sent to spam or simply deleted.

Use these strategies to create a deeper connection with the host: 

Finding common ground. Did you both attend the same conference? Share a passion outside your niche? These connections create a commonality within the pitch. Maybe you even have a mutual friend connect the two of you so that it comes across as a collaboration rather than a 

Highlighting unique value. Emphasize the specific expertise, stories, or audience insights you bring to the table. But make sure you are specific about why this topic is relevant to their audience. Show that you have a deep understanding of their audience and are willing to show up for their needs.

Showcasing your personality. Let your voice shine! What sets you apart from others in your industry? What is something that you have a different stance on than your competitors? Also, remember that adding in a touch of humor or a relatable anecdote can make you more memorable. 

Mistake #3: One-Way Engagement

There are plenty of ways to show your support with the podcast host you are pitching to. It’s important that you go above and beyond just wanting something from them. Instead, build a relationship, not just a transaction. 

Here are some ways you can achieve that:

Follow them on social. Engage with their content authentically, offering comments, and sharing their posts. And keep doing it. Don’t just do it because you want something from them. Keep them top of mind. 

And if keeping track of this feels overwhelming then you might want to keep a list going of who you need to be interacting with and where. That way you can show up without relying on your brain to remember who you needed to keep tabs on.

Support their work. If possible, purchase a product, sign up for a course, or leave a thoughtful podcast review to show your commitment. This will also help you stand out from the crowd of people trying to shimmy their way into the podcast you want to be a guest on. 

Remember, this is valuable space and you are up against at least 25 other people who want that spot.

Demonstrate long-term interest. Express your desire to build a partnership, not just score a one-off guest spot. How can you potentially keep the connection alive? Could you invite them to do a workshop for your community? Could you do a podcast swap? What would make this even more mutually beneficial?

Mistake #4: Giving Up Too Soon

Podcasters are busy! And like we stated at the beginning, the number of pitches we get on a daily basis is out of hand. Persistence with polite follow-ups is critical. The power is in the follow-up.

Most people will state that you should follow up at least three times with the podcaster before giving up. I’d also like to note that you should interact with them and connect with them in a bunch of different ways before you give up. Try to keep the connection alive as long as possible so that if they need a guest at a later time, you can come up for them. 

Remember to keep a spreadsheet that helps you keep track of your pitches and connections so you can follow up without leaving it up to fate. 

The Perfect Pitch: Additional Tips

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