Become a Standout Speaker with Visibility Tips with Antoniette Roze

Become a Standout Speaker with Visibility Tips with Antoniette Roze | Listeners to Leads

Podcasting and public speaking can feel like they are very different worlds, but they’re really just two different methods of sharing your voice and message with the world. Because of this, many people, Antionette Roze and myself included, think that you should do both to maximize your opportunities to grow and connect with your audience. Antoniette is here this week to talk about sharing your message, tips for being a better speaker, and more! This week, episode 152 of Listeners to Leads is about becoming a standout speaker with visibility tips! 

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of authenticity and connecting with your audience both in podcasting and speaking engagements. 
  • Navigating public speaking as an introvert.
  • The most important thing you can do when pitching a podcast or speaking gig.
  • Starting with small speaking engagements and working your way up with practice.

Become a Standout Speaker with Visibility Tips with Antoniette Roze

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing speaker booking expert Antoniette Roze on my podcast. She shared invaluable insights into how to become a successful speaker and podcast guest that can truly move audiences. In this post, I’ll dive deeper into some of Antoniette’s most impactful strategies.

Focus on Audience Value, Not Yourself 

One thing Antoniette couldn’t stress enough – your focus must be on the value you will provide to the audience, not on yourself. When pitching opportunities, answer the question “Are you a sure bet to bring transformation?” rather than talking about your own resume. Speak to the ultimate promise and outcome audiences will experience if they hear your message. 

Research, Research, Research

To truly connect with audiences, you must understand them inside and out. Do in-depth research on the host, event theme, likely attendees. Connect with some attendees beforehand if possible. Ask questions to learn their language and needs. This level of care and preparation is what separates great speakers who audiences remember from mediocre ones they forget. 

Start Locally for Experience

The best way to get started is locally – your own community is a great low-pressure place to gain experience and data. Speak for local podcasts, clubs, and organizations to build your skills. And don’t forget – every opportunity, whether paid or not, grows your abilities if done well. Treat every audience with importance.

Focus on Transformations, Not Words

As Antoniette pointed out, people rarely remember exactly what you said. But they do remember how you made them feel. Focus on bringing micro-transformations even in short moments. Your authenticity and ability to connect emotionally will be remembered far more than words.

Continue developing your skills by checking out my full interview with Antoniette for even more golden nuggets. Let me know in the comments which strategies you’ll start applying!

With Antoniette’s guidance, you have the keys to becoming an impactful speaker and podcast guest who truly moves audiences. Focus on them, do your research, start locally – and remember, it’s about the transformations, not yourself. I’d love to hear your thoughts on putting these strategies into action.

Be sure to tune in to all the episodes to receive tons of practical tips on turning your podcast listeners into leads and to hear even more about the points outlined above. 

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