The Best Podcast Recording Options for Solo and Interview Episodes

The Best Podcast Recording Options for Solo and Interview Style Podcasts

There are WAY too many options to help record an episode for your podcast. It’s easy to get mixed up and feel really overwhelmed by all of the options. Today, we are going to discuss what the best podcast recording options are for both solo and interview podcast episodes.

For years, we’ve been hearing all the best tools to record podcasts, but most of the time those are simply lists of all the possible tools to use. No one tells you exactly how to minimize your tech stack and get right down to it.

No, thank you!

I’m sure the advice is meant to be helpful, but it leaves you with more questions than when you started searching. 

You won’t find any theoretical ideas over here. These will be strategic and actionable steps to maximize your show.

Also, how do you know that the “experts” are following their advice? Does this process actually work for them? 

You may be feeling frustrated and like a failure but the process isn’t working because it’s meant as an overall concept. The problem isn’t you! I promise. 

I know because when I started podcasting, I used every tool I could find. My tech stack was redundant and left me feeling like I was wasting my time with podcasting.

You don’t have to feel that way. 

Remember, you just have to find what works for you. All the rest can be moved to the side. 

The Best Podcast Recording Options for Solo and Interview Style Podcasts

There are so many different ways to go about this. 

Today we’re gonna be breaking it down into interview styles that are both video and audio, and then what to do if you’re doing just video or just audio. 

We’ll also go through the tech you’ll need and the financial expectations for each process. 

Things to Consider When Finding Solutions

Consider Your Workflow

Here’s the thing. When deciding on which podcast recording option will work best for you, you have to keep your own workflow in mind. 

Do you like to batch record? 

Do you record solo, interview, or both types of podcast episodes?

You might be someone who needs a simple step-by-step process. You’re not trying to do a video podcast or maybe you just want to do audio. Or maybe you would like to have some video options for marketing. 

Consider Your Tech Comfort Level

The next thing that I want you to consider is your comfort level with tech. 

Everything that I will recommend or share with you will be so simple. The learning curve is not going to be that bad. 

We have resources available on a lot of these different things. Also note that most of these tools that we’re going to recommend have blog posts or tutorials that make it so simple.

Consider Your Budget

The last thing that we’re going to consider is the affordability. 

I’m going to give you price ranges for all of these things that I’m mentioning. Remember, these are high-quality options, so most of them will not be free, but you can anticipate spending less than $40 a month overall with these recording solutions.

We want quality and sometimes we have to pay a bit for it.

The Best Podcast Recording Options for Busy Podcasters

I know you’re busy, so let’s dive right into the tools and recording options you can use to make the best possible show you can. 

Tools to Use for Recording Your Podcast


My first recommendation is Riverside*. I record all my podcast episodes on Riverside. Even this one which was a solo episode. 

The Listeners to Leads podcast and Successful Podcasting Unlocked are exclusively recorded on Riverside. We’ve been using their platform since 2021 and haven’t looked back since. 

Riverside makes it so easy to have everything within the frame that you need it to. It makes the quality of the upload fantastic.

It can be frustrating when using software that you have to re-record or dry to piece together. Riverside makes the process seamless and easy!


The next recommendation is to put your audio into Audacity.

Audacity is a free software that allows you to edit your podcast. You can learn how to edit your podcast using Audacity using one of our in-depth blog posts. It’s the easiest tool out there and I’ve been using it since 2018 for my podcasts.

I like Audacity over the AI editing software tools because I can easily navigate editing dual-track conversations. 

If you do minimal editing for solo podcast episodes, you may want to consider an AI tool like Descript or 


Have you ever listened to a podcast and thought the guest’s audio was too low and the host was too loud? Or visa versa?

Our final tool can help with that.

Auphonic is a free or low-cost software that not only equalizes your audio and video but also has some pretty interesting AI features like silence and filler word removal. 

Be careful if you have sound effects in your audio, though, as some features (specifically the dynamic noise reduction) may affect those additions to your podcast. 

I’ve been using Auphonic since 2018 as well, and we use it to keep our clients’ audio leveled and up to podcast noise level standards. 

Best Podcast Recording Options for a Video or Audio Interview Podcast Episode

Riverside + Audacity + Auphonic (Less than $35/month)

An interview-style podcast will be the same as a video or an audio podcast. So it doesn’t matter if you are someone who just likes to do video or you want to have just that audio element.

Riverside is great for the video and audio components because it records the podcast audio (and video) to your computer before uploading it to the cloud. This means any issues with your internet shouldn’t impact the quality of the content.

You can edit your video right there in Riverside if you don’t need to add any intro or outro cards to the video. 

For the audio part of the podcast, you’ll run that through Audacity to edit and/or mix your episode how you’d like. 

Your final step is to run everything through Auphonic so that your audio is equalized.

Best Podcast Recording Options for a Video Solo Podcast Episode

Riverside + Audacity + Auphonic (Less than $35/month)

For a video solo podcast, I still recommend using Riverside as you can use all the same features mentioned for the Interview style podcast episodes. 

If your solo podcast is scripted, Riverside also has the capability for script view (think teleprompter) while you record. 

You can easily edit your video right there in Riverside and then export the video from there. 

For the audio portion, you would only use Audacity to mix and master the episode’s audio with the intro and/or outro.

You’d then export the audio to run through Auphonic to ensure your final mixed audio isn’t too loud for your listeners.

Best Podcast Recording Options for an Audio Solo Podcast Episode

Audacity + Auphonic (Less than $15/month)

With an audio-only podcast episode, you can cut Riverside right out of the equation. 

Simply record, edit, mix, and master your audio right there in Audacity 

Pro tip: With video (reels, shorts, TikTok, etc) being a prominent feature in the future of podcast marketing, I would encourage you to either create a separate short clip of what your episode is about or to record everything on on Riverside. They have a feature that allows you to export a 9:16 video clip with captions.

Next Steps

If this still feels overwhelming, you can book a basic podcast strategy session, and we can help you figure out which workflow and tools will best support you. 

Remember, a skilled podcast editor can truly take your podcast to the next level if you are feeling overwhelmed with everything that happens after you stop recording. 

That’s why I created Galati Media in the first place. I knew there were people just like you who only wanted to record the content and then move on with their to-do lists. 

For more on creating high-quality podcast content, you can check out any of the following:

And finally, I created a Podcast Workflow checklist to help you start making the most of your podcast.

Click here to download the Podcast Workflow Checklist now.

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