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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Podcast | Listeners to Leads

There are a lot of things to think about before starting a podcast, and it can get overwhelming quickly. After launching three podcasts for myself and 25 for clients in the past 5 years, I’ve learned a thing or two about what to know before you launch. I’m behind the

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Step by Step How to Start a Podcast

Your 2024 guide to starting a podcast  Starting a podcast can feel overwhelming, but with the right plan in place and tools by your side, it’s a whole lot easier.  After reading this blog, we highly recommend you check out our blog Is it Easy to Start a Podcast: 10

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Welcome to your beginner’s guide to podcast editing in Audacity! This guide is designed to walk you through step-by-step everything you need to know to start editing podcasts using Audacity. We’ll take you through importing your audio, cleaning up, cutting and repairing your audio tracks, and exporting your finished product.  If

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How to Write a Description for a Podcast

How to Write a Description for a Podcast Whether your listeners stumble across your podcast on Google, hear about it from a friend, or discover it on their favorite podcast app, chances are they’ll see your podcast description and use it as a quick way to identify whether or not

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​​When you first set out to measure your podcast success, the mere idea of it might keep you up at night. You compare yourself to other people on social media and get caught in a cycle of shame. My one podcast friend recently hit a million downloads. Why aren’t I

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Fun fact: Less than 2% of all podcasters with more than 5,000 listeners per episode are making money from their podcast!  We know, we know, that fact wasn’t fun at all… because as you can see, only a very small percentage of podcasters make money from podcasting.  Here’s a sunnier

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The Basics of Podcast Editing in Audacity

Learn the basics of podcast editing in this comprehensive guide. From choosing the right software to removing unwanted noise, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get started. Since its start, podcasting has seen massive growth. Edison Research’s Spoken Word Audio Report shows that the U.S. population listens to

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Learning from Podcast Mistakes with Courtney Andersen | Listeners to Leads

Podcasting doesn’t have a comprehensive guidebook with the dos and dont’s spelled out for you. Because of that, we all make mistakes when starting our podcast! Courtney Andersen is here today to talk about her mistakes and learning moments in her 2 years of podcasting. This week, episode 103 of

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Eight top podcast hosting platforms At Galati Media, we see a lot of podcasters get overwhelmed with all the options out there and love helping clients choose the best podcast hosting platform for their individual needs and podcast goals.  If you’re scratching your head wondering what a podcast hosting platform

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Is it easy to start a podcast? 10 Things to consider before you take the leap!

Is it “easy” to start a podcast?  The answer is, “Yes, and…”  There’s a lot of communication, especially in the online marketing world, that’ll have you convinced that starting a podcast is easy! And equally as much suggesting that “everyone” should have a podcast!  Starting a podcast doesn’t require a

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Using Chat-Based AI to Support Your Content Creation with Andréa Jones | Listeners To Leads

ChatGPT and AI are hot topics in the online space right now. But how will these applications that quickly and efficiently generate content change how we market our podcasts? And how can we best utilize them for our social media content? Today, Andréa Jones joins us again to talk about

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How to Overcome Perfectionism and be Consistent with Podcasting with Reshanda Yates | Listeners to Leads

Perfectionism keeps so many people away from podcasting. They worry they can’t stay consistent or create content that’s ‘good enough’ to be put into the world. But everyone is capable of podcasting and this week, Réshanda Yates is here to tell you how to kick perfectionism to the curb and

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