Creating Conversations Your Guests are Proud to Share with Mai-kee Tsang

Creating Conversations Your Guests are Proud to Share with Mai-kee Tsang | Listeners to Leads

Sometimes it feels like getting your guests to share your episode is a full-time job. It’s frustrating when you put your heart and soul into the conversation and you go to share it with a guest and they maybe either don’t feel comfortable with it or they decide to completely ghost you. Mai-kee Tsang is here this week to talk about what she calls Converse with Consent, her strategy of creating a collaborative connection with your guests before, during and after the conversation to ensure that the guest feels comfortable and excited about their episode. This week, episode 155 of Listeners to Leads is about creating conversations your podcast guests are proud to share! 

Key Takeaways:

  • Prioritizing energy and creativity over strict posting schedules.
  • The three stages of the Converse with Consent™ method of communication with your guests.
  • Respecting guests’ boundaries and preferences during interviews.
  • Setting expectations from the beginning, starting with your intake form.

Creating Conversations Your Guests are Proud to Share with Mai-kee Tsang

Have you ever had a great podcast interview only to have your guest ghost you when it comes to promoting the episode? I know the frustration all too well. 

That’s why I was thrilled to recently chat with podcasting expert Mai-kee Tsang about her process for ensuring guests feel comfortable, respected and excited to share episodes. She calls it Converse with Consent(™) – and it starts from the very first communication.

Set Clear Expectations Upfront

Mai-kee recommends including questions in your guest intake form about sensitive topics they don’t want to discuss. Giving examples helps guests feel at ease to open up. 

She also asks what the host can do to make the episode one the guest will be proud to share. This sets the stage for a truly collaborative conversation where both parties’ needs are considered.

Check In During the Interview  

Taking time in the green room before recording allows you to reiterate expectations and see if the guest has any last minute questions. Mai-kee emphasizes making the guest feel heard.

She also advises obtaining ongoing consent throughout the interview process. This could mean checking in if a sensitive topic comes up or the conversation takes an unexpected turn.

Follow Up After Recording

Following up with the guest allows you to ask how they felt about the experience and if they’re comfortable with the content being shared. This gives them an opportunity to provide feedback or request changes. The goal is for both host and guest to feel ownership over the final product and be excited about promoting it to their networks.

Mai-kee’s approach of Conversing with Consent(™) ensures guests feel safe to share authentically. It reduces potential vulnerabilities they may feel after the fact that could prevent them promoting their episode.

By treating people – including guests – with care and respect, you also build trust that could lead to deeper professional connections down the line.

If you want to learn Mai-kee’s full process and tips, be sure to listen to my interview with her.

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