Creating Curiosity with our Podcast Content with Emily Aborn

Creating Curiosity with our Podcast Content with Emily Aborn | Listeners to Leads

With all of the content we’re bombarded with every day, it can be difficult to make podcast content that you’re confident people will stop and listen to. One way to ensure your content stands out is to create curiosity, both in yourself and in your listeners. Emily Aborn is here again this week to talk about the types of curiosity, how we can appeal to them, and more! This week, episode 110 of Listeners to Leads is about creating curiosity with our podcast content! 

Emily Aborn is a Content Writer and owner of She Built This, a community for women entrepreneurs to build the dreams they have, together. She has 10+ years of experience working with entrepreneurs in various roles. She helps others create compelling content and copy throughout their branding! Emily lives in New Hampshire with her family. When not working, she can be found hiking, walking, cooking, reading, listening to music, or writing.

In this episode of Listeners to Leads, Emily Aborn is sharing the importance of appealing to different types of curiosity and actionable steps you can take right now to lead and create curiosity-driven content. 

Emily and I also chat about the following: 

  • Creating curiosity to lead your content creation.
  • The four types of curiosity and how they present themselves in listeners.
  • Examples of topics and formats to appeal to all listener types.
  • Confusion is not curiosity.

Be sure to tune in to all the episodes to receive tons of practical tips on turning your podcast listeners into leads and to hear even more about the points outlined above. Thank you for listening! If you enjoyed this episode, take a screenshot of the episode to post in your stories and tag me! And don’t forget to follow, rate and review the podcast and tell me your key takeaways!

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