Grow with an Aligned Podcast Network with Karen Roberts

Grow with an Aligned Podcast Network with Karen Roberts | Listeners to Leads

Podcasting can feel like a lonely venture when first starting out, when you’re doing everything yourself and worrying about whether or not the statistics you’re seeing are “normal”. Finding a podcast network that aligns with your mission and values allows you to collaborate with other podcasters, grow your audience, and feel a little less like an island in the sea of podcasting. Karen Roberts is here today to share her experience going from fitness coach to podcaster, starting a podcast network, and more! This week, episode 149 of Listeners to Leads is about growing your show with an aligned podcast network! 

Key Takeaways:

  • Allowing your show to grow with and align with your business.
  • Podcasting as an introvert-friendly alternative to speaking at in-person events.
  • Building trust with your listeners through consistent, quality content.
  • Don’t wait for things to be perfect – just get started.

Grow with an Aligned Podcast Network with Karen Roberts

How One Podcaster is Building Community Through Collaboration

When the pandemic hit in 2020, many of us were forced to pivot our businesses and the ways we connect with others. For Karen Roberts, formerly a fitness studio owner, this meant transitioning from in-person coaching to the world of podcasting.

Through her journey over the past few years, Karen has realized the power of community over competition. On this week’s episode of the Listeners to Leads podcast, Karen shared with host Alesia Galati how she launched her own podcast network called Raising Vibrations to foster collaboration in the industry.

From Fitness to Podcasting

Karen had always enjoyed motivating and inspiring others through her fitness work. When COVID disrupted her in-person classes, she decided to try podcasting as a new way to share her message. Karen launched “A Cup of Positivity” to interview coaches from various backgrounds.

Through these conversations, Karen noticed many guests struggled to attract paying clients despite offering valuable insights. She realized a lack of connection and community was holding people back. This inspired Karen to create something that could connect coaches and clients in a collaborative way.

Raising Vibrations Podcast Network

Karen launched Raising Vibrations as a platform for diverse voices to support one another. The network provides podcast hosting, promotion, and coaching to help members grow sustainable businesses through their messages.

Rather than seeing others as competition, Karen emphasizes that we all have unique audiences and approaches. By working together, everyone can expand their reach and better serve clients. Her approach has already helped many find their niche and implement strategies to attract ideal customers.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

Karen advises aspiring podcasters to focus on quality content and connections rather than download numbers. Through monthly workshops on her process, Karen teaches the importance of just getting started rather than waiting for perfection.

As Karen says, “I think if people are waiting for things to be perfect, well, they’ll never get it done. Just get it done. Just start.” By taking consistent action and collaborating with others, anyone can build a meaningful podcasting career.

If you’re feeling isolated in your business or want to connect with a supportive community, consider checking out Raising Vibrations. Karen is proof that community and collaboration can lift each other up far more than competition ever could.

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