How Stitcher Shutting Down Will Impact Your Podcast

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If you’re following any form of podcasting news, you probably saw that SiriusXM is shutting down Stitcher, their podcast listening app. This might seem like a big change if you’ve been listening to podcasts since 2014, like me. Back then, there weren’t nearly as many podcast apps available for Android users. Stitcher has been around for almost 15 years, and their shutting down might feel scary.   

How Stitcher Shutting Down Will Impact Your Podcast

On August 29, 2023, SiriusXM will be sunsetting their podcast app, Stitcher which they acquired back in 2020. (VarietyClick here to read the full story.

It’s impacting some important conversations in the podcasting space. So it’s a big deal.

Basically, there are those who are saying with Spotify shifting some of their things around and this happening, that this could be the beginning of the end for podcasting. That the industry isn’t headed in the right direction. 

Now, you may be thinking, well how does this impact me as a podcaster?

And if you’re like a lot of podcasters,  you may even be a little nervous about all these changes in the industry. Is this really the beginning of the end of podcasting?It’s not, but here’s the low-down on what it all means.

Let’s Look at some Stitcher Data

You’ll see below the ongoing trend of listens from Buzzsprout’s Platform Stats. You’ll see that Stitcher has consistently been the podcast listening platform of choice for about 0.5% of those who listen to Buzzsprout podcasts. 

Buzzsprout Stats from December 2022

Buzzsprout Stats from January 2023

Buzzsprout Stats from February 2023

Buzzsprout Stats from March 2023

Buzzsprout Stats from April 2023

Buzzsprout Stats from May 2023

You can see from this information that there hasn’t been an increase in Stitcher listeners over the last 6 months and it probably didn’t make sense for SiriusXM to keep the app going. That doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with podcasting as an industry though.

Watch What You Read

There’s a lot of media coverage around Stitcher shutting down so it’s important that the places we are getting our information from aren’t using fear tactics about the podcast industry. 

In your research, you might have seen this CBS News article: 

Let’s be clear–podcasting as an industry is not losing its luster. As we saw, Stitcher data is clear. They aren’t performing like the major podcast apps and SiriusXM had to make a decision about that. 

Elsie Escobar, a podcast mentor and Advocate for Independent Podcasters, said it best. “Stitcher shutting down is not some foreboding event for the podcasting industry. Them shutting down is about Stitcher.”

Podcasts Aren’t Going Anywhere

Even with Stitcher shutting down, that doesn’t mean that podcasts are headed in a negative direction. If anything, podcast listenership continues to grow.

The number of podcast listeners rose from 274.8 million in 2019 to a whopping 464.7 million listeners in 2023 (as of April 2023 according to

When we look at the data, it takes the fear, and emotions out of the changes in our industries. I would encourage you to also consider where you can help alleviate some of the overwhelm that happen in your industry.

Key Takeaway

Things are always changing fast in podcasting, and as fast as they change we need to change, too. The best way to come out ahead is to give your listeners options. If you are a podcaster who has been only putting your podcast on a few podcast listening apps, now might be the time to diversify where your show is going.

I’m hearing from podcast listeners that are frustrated because they truly loved the Stitcher app. Now, they’ll have to find a new place. Let’s take a moment to be sympathetic and offer viable solutions for our listeners. 

What’s the first action step you’re going to jump on? Let us know in the comments!

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