How to Run Dynamic Podcast Ads

How to Run Dynamic Podcast Ads That Convert Your Listeners into Clients

Are you new to running dynamic podcast ads for your podcast?

Then you may have heard about dynamic podcast ads and desperately wanted to ask what in the world is that and is it something I should be focusing on? 

I get it. In the podcasting world, there are constantly new features and ideas and it can feel frustrating and overwhelming to decide if something is worth taking the time to learn.

This one is not only easy to understand but equally as easy to implement with the click of a button.  

I’m going to show you everything you need to know about creating and using dynamic ads to turn your listeners into leads.

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How to Run Dynamic Podcast Ads That Convert Your Listeners into Clients

What are Dynamic Podcast Ads?

In simple terms, dynamic podcast ads are ads that are run interchangeably within your podcast. You can easily swap them for your most up-to-date content. 

That probably felt like a lot of confusing jargon thrown together to make me sound smart, but I promise it will make sense with this example.

I was taking a small road trip with my family this past summer. We were listening Greeking Out, a podcast by National Geographic. 

During the ad portion, they mentioned that their upcoming book was currently available for preorder and would be available in September. Since we were behind three seasons, I (wrongfully) assumed that the book had already come out. 

I found the Greeking Out book on Amazon* and saw that it was actually coming out that September. 

National Geographic was able to put an up-to-date dynamic ad on past seasons using this strategy.

So even though I was listening to an episode that had come out years before, I had information about a promotion they were running at the time that I listened.

Why are Dynamic Podcast Ads Important?

Did you know that not all podcast listeners start with your latest episodes? Some go back to the very beginning of episode 1 to start.


I know… I don’t like it either. 

As business owners, our latest offer or event usually has a price, date, or promotional change. If you mentioned it in past podcast episodes, there may be a chance that you are leaving your audience out of your latest offers and promotions. 

This is especially important if you have open and closed carts throughout the year. If your promotions tend to be evergreen, it’s still good to have the ability to update the copy or the way you phrase things. 

Not only does this save you time and effort, but it also allows you to focus more on the content within the episode.

High-quality podcast content is essential, especially if you plan on selling anything. 

How Dynamic Podcast Ads Work

You have a few options for using dynamic podcast ads. 

A pre-roll podcast ad should be short, sweet and to the point, especially if you don’t currently have ads in your podcast. This audio will automatically go at the beginning of your content.

A mid-roll podcast ad goes somewhere within the episode. You can use transition sounds to help you audience understand that it’s an ad placement. The priority here is to give enough detail that they will either click the link in your show notes or type in the link.

Pro tip: Make your link easy for your listeners to remember so they can easily find it if they are doing other things while listening. 

A post-roll podcast ad is where you’ll put any final thoughts as well as your podcast outro. This should include where to connect with your further or what action(s) you want your audience to take next.

This is what the Buzzsprout* dynamic content section looks like. They make it easy to upload your content and track downloads. 

Sign up for a Buzzsprout* account today to utilize their Dynamic Content

I’ve put together a few examples of ways you can use dynamic podcast ads for your show. 

Example #1: Increase Pre-Sales

We’ve had two clients use their dynamic content to pre-sell their books. We’ve also had clients give early or exclusive access to podcast listeners who decided to 

Want access to know exactly which dynamic ad you should do? You’re in luck because that’s something we can cover during a basic podcast audit

Example #2: Highlight a Freebie or Service

This is great if you have revolving free content or services.

We have a client who creates new freebies frequently. Instead of changing out every episode, we can easily run the latest freebie or group coaching program while it’s available. 

The best ways to implement this in your own podcast is:

  • Sharing specific dates for your audience.
  • Giving your listeners an exclusive discount.
  • Be sure to turn off the dynamic ad when it’s time.

Need more ways?

I recorded an entire podcast episode about how to use dynamic content to make money with your podcast. It covers some additional ways you can use dynamic podcast ads like…

  • Telling people to join your community
  • Time sensitive material
  • Sponsorships 
  • Where you are speaking next
  • Run a giveaway
  • Announce an upcoming event
  • And so much more.

Pro tip- Want to be able to charge your sponsor more? Run dynamic ads to ALL your podcast episodes instead of only a few over the course of your agreement. Remember, podcast listeners are binge listeners and you want to reach them with the ad in episode 1 and episode 100.

Still Confused?

Still not sure you get [industry term] well enough to [something big coming up for the reader – e.g., wow at the next board meeting]? We all learn in different ways.

Check out this video to see if it helps you out:

Buzzsprout has a ton of resources to help podcasters grow their shows. 

I hope the idea of how to run dynamic podcast ads is crystal clear to you now.

Do you still have questions? No shame in that! You can submit your question here or find me on Instagram, where I’m always happy to answer any questions you might have. 

One thing you can do to get started with monetizing your podcast is to see what resources we have available for you.

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