How to Write Show Notes for a Podcast

How to Write Show Notes for a Podcast

Podcast Show Notes Template and Examples

Whether you’re producing an audio or video podcast (or both), it’s important to ensure that in addition to providing great content and quality, you also take time to focus on the show notes for your podcast for several reasons. This blog will show you the value of well-thought podcast show notes and how to write show notes for a podcast by providing you with clear examples and templates of show notes for your podcast. 

Why Do Your Podcast Show Notes Matter? 

Podcast show notes serve multiple purposes! They help your audience find and connect with you, your guest, and the books, products, materials, and resources shared in the episode. They also help new listeners discover your content, and improve your ranking on search engines and podcast listening platforms. 

Show notes help show a listener understand what’s in store for them in a particular episode and what topics you’re covering in the conversation. They can help pique listener’s interest and keep them excited for what’s coming next!

Show notes are also a great way to recap or highlight any points in the conversation you want to be sure your listeners remember including data or stats, audio highlights, quotes, and more! 

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What Exactly ARE Podcast Show Notes? 

When we’re talking about podcast show notes, we’re not talking about transcriptions of your episodes or a blog post of your episode (Yet! But we’ll get to that). We’re going to start by giving you podcast show note examples for the podcast platform itself and then we’ll touch back on blogs and transcriptions because those have a seat at the table in this conversation too! 

Podcast show notes are what you see in your podcast player when you expand into an episode and look like this: 

Example AExample B

They are a summary of your episode, detailing the main takeaways, sharing your guest bio and any relevant links, and anything else you need to pull from the episode for listeners to access with a single click. 

Step-by-Step How to Write Show Notes for a Podcast with Our Simple Template (and examples): 

{Intro Sentence} This week, episode XX of {PODCAST NAME} Podcast is about {Main Topic}! 

Example: This week, Episode 97 of the Listeners to Leads podcast is about SEO and Your Podcast


Example: Download our Simple Template for Podcast Show Notes! 

In this episode of {PODCAST NAME}Podcast, {GUEST NAME} shares the importance of {TOPIC 1} and actionable steps you can take right now to {TOPIC 2}. 

Example: In this episode of Listener’s to Leads, Erin Ollila shares the importance of having your podcast show notes on a blog and capturing visibility through keywords. 

Some of the talking points {MY GUEST AND} I go over in this episode include:


Example: Some of the talking points Erin and I go over in this episode include: 

* Actual Talking Point One

* Actual Talking Point One

* Actual Talking Point One

* Actual Talking Point One

{Closing Statement} 

Thank you for listening! Be sure to tune in to all the episodes to receive tons of practical tips on {MAIN TOPIC ONE} and to hear even more about the points outlined above. If you enjoyed this episode, take a screenshot of the episode to post in your stories and tag me!  And don’t forget to follow, rate, and review the podcast and tell me your key takeaways!


Include links to each of these for your guest: 




Work with Guest! 


Include links to each of these for your guest: 




Work with Host! 

How to Write Show Notes for a Podcast Beyond the Listening Platform: 

Ideas to Expand Your Podcast Show Notes 

When writing show notes for your podcast, you can follow our example and template above, and you can also think outside the box, especially if you share your podcast on as a blog or Linkedin article as well! Here are some more of our favorite ideas for expanding or adding to your podcast show notes. 

Turn your podcast episode show notes into a blog! 

Many podcast episodes can be turned into a blog for people who may not listen to enjoy, or for listeners who may want another way to digest and access the information. Here’s an example of a Listeners to Leads podcast episode, we turned into a blog -using our show notes as an outline!  

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The benefits of turning your podcast into a blog include SEO for your website (new listeners and leads anyone!?), increased visibility for those who may not be listeners, and a way for listeners to easily find and refer back to what was discussed in the episode. 

Provide a full, downloadable transcript of the episode. 

In addition to show notes, some podcasters like to make a transcript of episodes available for accessibility or those who might like to read along while they listen. Podcast show notes are usually limited to <4,000 characters, so it can be beneficial to include a link to download transcripts of the episode. You may also want to consider cleaning up the transcripts if you go this route, as many AI transcription services miss some of the human nuances in our language, which can confuse your reader. 

Remember to keep your show notes clear, concise, and consistent, and follow a similar structure and layout with each episode. This is why it’s so helpful to have a podcast show notes template like the one above, which walks you through step-by-step how to write show notes for your podcast. 

Do you have more questions about how to write show notes for your podcast? 

Make sure to check out episode 97 of the Listeners to Leads podcast with Erin Ollila HERE on the importance of having your podcast show notes on a blog for increased visibility through keywords. 

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You don’t have to be an expert in podcasting (or writing show notes, for that matter) to captivate your listeners’ attention, gain leads and speaking gigs, and change the lives of your audience. 

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