Improve Your Video Content Strategy with Atiba De Souza

Improve Your Video Content Strategy with Atiba De Souza | Listeners to Leads

As podcasters, we tend to think about our craft as an audio-based product. But we’ve all seen the rise in video content over the last few years, and that’s not going anywhere any time soon. How do we embrace video content as podcasters, especially those of us who are less comfortable on camera? Atiba De Souza, the Content Superman, is here this week to discuss all that and more. This week, episode 151 of Listeners to Leads is about how to improve your video content strategy! 

Key Takeaways:

  • Why the ego keeps podcasters from creating videos.
  • Improving our podcast video content to stop the scroll on social media.
  • Creating video for your audience, not yourself.
  • The future of AI and video content creation and why you should be learning!

Improve Your Video Content Strategy with Atiba De Souza

The podcasting and content creation landscape is constantly evolving, and one thing is clear – video is becoming more important than ever before. In my recent interview with video expert Atiba De Souza, we discussed how embracing video can take your podcast and business to the next level. 

Atiba De Souza is the CEO of Client Attraction Pros, a video marketing agency that specializes in helping busy expert entrepreneurs get more of the right kind of videos out in the world so they can book more speaking engagements, become a recognized authority, and spend less time chasing clients. Known as the Content Superman, Atiba’s decades of experience running his agency and focusing on SEO and video content put him at the leading edge of content specialists. Atiba also hosts several podcasts, including ‘Thoughts on Thought Leadership’ and ‘Traffic Keys’.

Check Your Ego

Atiba shared invaluable insights into how to future-proof your podcast and connect with listeners in a more engaging way. One of the key takeaways was that our egos are often holding us back from the bigger impact we could have. While it may be uncomfortable at first, putting yourself on video allows your passion and expertise to shine through in a way that keeps audiences watching. 

Tools To Make Editing a Breeze

Tools like Riverside and Descript have made the video creation process seamless for podcasters. There’s simply no excuse to not be creating video content alongside your audio episodes. Both allow you to record high quality video and audio, and Descript’s editing features remove the need to spend hours perfecting each clip. 

Understand Your Target Audience

Most importantly, Atiba emphasized the importance of truly understanding your target audience and the problems or pain points they are facing. Your content needs to directly address these issues in order to build loyalty and drive real results for your business. Take the time to profile your ideal listener and focus your messaging on providing value to them at every opportunity.

Video Keeps Growing

For those still hesitant about making the switch to video, Atiba shared some powerful statistics. Video content simply performs better across all platforms – people want to see the faces behind the voices they listen to every day. And if you’re not embracing new formats like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram Reels, you risk becoming obsolete in today’s visual world. 

The opportunities that video presents are too great to ignore. Give this interview a listen for Atiba’s top tips like optimizing your video content for search and social platforms. The insights will help you future-proof your podcast and business in 2023 and beyond. It’s time to get comfortable on camera – your audience is waiting!

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