Insights from 1600+ Episodes with Alan Lazaros

Insights from 1600+ Episodes with Alan Lazaros | Listeners to Leads

When most podcasts don’t make it to 25 episodes, it can be shocking to see that someone has over 1600 podcast episodes under their belt. While there’s no silver bullet or secret sauce to achieve instant success, Alan Lazaros has learned a thing or two about podcasting with his years of experience. He joins us this week to share what he has learned about consistency, success,feeling fulfilled, and more! This week, episode 150 of Listeners to Leads is about insights from over 1600 podcast episodes! 

Key Takeaways:

  • How Alan’s near-death experience led him to self improvement and permanently changed his outlook on life.
  • Maintaining energy and authenticity while producing a daily podcast.
  • The importance of starting small in building up your show over time.
  • Having two profitable trains: short-term profitability and long-term snowball.

Insights from 1600+ Episodes with Alan Lazaros

When it comes to building a successful podcast, consistency over the long haul is key according to Alan Lazaros – co-host of the massively popular Next Level University podcast.

In a recent interview on my show Listeners to Leads, Alan shared insights from his 6+ years of daily podcasting. With over 1600 episodes under his belt, he’s learned some valuable lessons about what it really takes to scale in this industry.

No Quick Fixes or Overnight Successes

Alan was very clear – there are no silver bullets or quick paths to success with podcasting. When they first started out, Next Level University only had 52 episodes in their first year. It took years of consistent effort before their audience and downloads began to meaningfully grow.

As entrepreneurs, we often look for shortcuts or get discouraged if overnight fame doesn’t happen. But Alan’s experience shows that sticking with it over the long haul is key. Consistency in publishing new content on a regular schedule allows your audience to truly connect with you and your message over time.

Maintain Multiple “Trains”

Another important lesson is having “two trains” – both short term and long term revenue streams. Alan stressed the importance of maintaining directly profitable ventures now to pay bills, while also investing in opportunities like YouTube channels that may take years to become self-sustaining.

As podcasters and entrepreneurs, we can’t rely solely on one longshot bet to support us. Having systems in place for consistent cash flow now, in addition to building assets for the future, sets you up much better for long term success and sustainability.

Embrace Your Rhythm

Finally, Alan agreed that recognizing your individual method for achieving consistency is vital. I shared how I batch record podcast episodes in the summer months so I have more flexibility. Approaching your work in a sustainable, seasonal way allows you to recharge when needed and avoid burnout.

If you want to take your podcast or business to the next level, Alan’s transparent insights into what really works are invaluable. Consistency, multiple revenue streams, and embracing natural rhythms are keys to scaling over many years according to this podcasting rockstar.

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