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I’m Alesia Galati, Your Podcast Strategist and the CEO of Galati Media, a full-service podcast launch and management agency.

We help business owners launch and maintain strategic podcasts that bring them leads, land them speaking gigs, and connect them with their audience.


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Listeners to Leads, hosted by Alesia Galati, teaches new and aspiring podcasters how to use their podcasts to grow their business. Alesia uses her experience as the owner of Galati Media, a full-service podcast management company, to help business owners get leads, land speaking gigs, and create deeper connections with their audiences through their podcasts. Alesia and her guests will discuss everything from launching a podcast to marketing a podcast.

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The Listeners to Leads Membership is for business owners who have a podcast and are looking to get Strategy, Community, and Accountability to grow their show and generate leads.

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VIP Full-Service Podcast Launch & Management​

You want to launch a podcast that is legit and lands you clients! You want your podcast to actually work for you and your business. With the VIP launch and management package, you’ll go through my custom process that I’ve used to help my clients have 10k months, hit Apple Podcast charts, and land them speaking gigs. And all you have to do is show up and hit record!

Omnipresent Full-Service Podcast Launch & Management

You want to be in ALL the places. You want your audience to binge the heck out of your podcast on the go no matter what platform they are on. I’m sure you’ve seen podcasts up on YouTube or those cool IGTV snippets of a podcast.