The Benefits of Podcasting for Mental Wellness with Donald Dunn of Heroes Voice Media

The Benefits of Podcasting for Mental Wellness with Donald Dunn of Heroes Voice Media | Listeners to Leads

Podcasting has a way of bringing together like-minded people and creating tight knit communities. While beneficial in a lot of ways, that feeling of connectedness can do incredible things for people’s mental health. Donald Dunn is using his platform to support veterans in their civilian life after service, including sharing how podcasting can be the first step in healing from trauma. This week, episode 148 of Listeners to Leads is about the benefits of podcasting for mental wellness! 

Key Takeaways:

  • Finding a new direction with your podcast over time.
  • The challenges of rebranding a podcast that has changeover time.
  • Podcasting as an outlet and means of connecting people, especially veterans.
  • How honesty and vulnerability in podcasting can be the first step to healing trauma.

The Benefits of Podcasting for Mental Wellness with Donald Dunn of Heroes Voice Media

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Donald Dunn, the CEO of Heroes Voices Media Foundation, an author, and 20 year military veteran. Donald’s podcast, Spirits and Stories with Donald Dunn highlights the struggles and the successes of the veteran community. Donald has  dedicated his life to serving those who served through innovative programs focused on healing through creative outlets. As the founder of Heroes Voice Media Foundation, Donald understands the challenges veterans face on a deeply personal level.

Donald openly shared his own powerful journey with PTSD and how he used podcasting to process trauma and reconnect with loved ones. Through initiatives like Military United Podcast Streams and Words from Warriors, Donald is providing therapeutic tools and community for veterans to heal and pursue their dreams. The programs teach skills like podcasting, writing, and public speaking while connecting individuals with mentors for long-term support.

Donald also operates Veteran Voice Radio, formerly Gunroom Radio, a multi-channel online radio station dedicated to showcasing veteran talent. With genres ranging from country to rock to comedy, the station gives a platform to musicians, comedians and more trying to build careers in creative fields. A major goal is celebrating the talents and achievements of veterans to change stereotypes associated only with mental health issues.

Donald dreams of events like the proposed Veteran Music Awards that would honor artists on a national televised stage. Recognizing veterans not just for their service but for who they are as artists and creators could help more fully integrate them into civilian life. Donald’s nonprofit approaches mental health from both a therapeutic and practical perspective.

Through personal anecdotes, he emphasizes the importance of accountability partners, finding purpose beyond trauma, and grassroots community support over large, impersonal programs. Donald leads by example, dedicating endless hours on top of career responsibilities to serve his fellow veterans.

As someone with family members who served, I am inspired by Donald’s mission and moved by the impact of his work. To learn more about supporting Heroes Voice Media Foundation’s initiatives, check or follow @heroesvoicemediafoundation. You can also tune into Veteran Voice Radio online or via Roku to enjoy the talented veterans it features.

Our service members deserve all the help and recognition we can offer. By celebrating their humanity through the arts, Donald Dunn and others are changing lives and challenging perceptions in a deeply meaningful way. Their grassroots efforts remind us that true healing often happens at the individual level through compassion and community.

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