The Truth about AI and Podcasting

The Truth about AI and Podcasting | Listeners to Leads

The 5 AI and Podcasting Tools Used by Podcast Managers 

AI is on the rise as the hottest new productivity tool, but there seems to be conflicting information about how much AI podcast tools can do. On the one hand, Podcast.AI has shared stats saying that AI-powered podcasts have grown 500% in the last year. On the other hand, Google has released a statement saying that content that is clearly written by AI will be considered spam or inaccurate and therefore penalized in search rankings. As podcast managers, we help a lot of podcasters find the right balance between saving time using AI podcast tools and keeping the human elements that your listeners connect to. Here is everything you need to know about using AI for your podcast. 

What Is AI?

AI stands for artificial intelligence. It learns from the data that humans input, including user habits, to make decisions and solve problems. We have been using AI far longer than we realize because it has been behind the scenes in the technology and programs we use. For example, diagnostic tools, smartphones, and self-driving cars all use AI technology. With the hype around Chat GPT, we have become more aware of AI tools and how they can make some tasks more efficient. 

How to Use AI and Podcasting Tools to Save Time 

Before you turn your entire podcast production over to AI podcast tools, it’s important to understand that AI works best in a supporting role. Its strength really lies in gathering and analyzing information, not in tasks that need creativity or discernment. 

So, for example, many podcast editors use AI podcast tools to shortcut simple tasks, like removing “ums” or cleaning up the background noise. This makes the editing process quicker and allows them to focus on the tasks that really benefit from human insight. For example, a human editor can make suggestions on which sections to remove to fit the ideal podcast runtime. 

Another limitation of AI podcast tools is that there have been cases of AI technology returning incorrect results. AI is only as strong as the content or data used to “train” the technology. So if that content is outdated, incorrect, or displays unconscious bias, then the AI tool will return incorrect or misguided information. As podcasters, we have a duty to our listeners to ensure that what we’re saying is accurate, so AI tools are best used for small tasks or when checked and edited by humans. 

The 5 AI Podcast Tools We Use as Podcast Managers 

We use AI podcast tools here at Galati Media to make producing podcast episodes more efficient. Here are some of our favorite AI podcast tools and how we use them: 

Otter. AI is a transcription tool that creates transcripts of our podcast episodes. It uses voice recognition to show who was speaking in each section, and we’ve had it remember guests who had been on past podcast episodes. can also create a timestamped summary of the conversation, which is really useful for adding those timestamps to the backend of Buzzsprout. 


Buzzsprout uses AI to help podcasters find the best place to place their ads. It may not be a huge task, but it is just one other thing that podcasters and podcast producers can take off their plate, and instead of finding the best place to place an ad in the whole podcast episode, you can pick the best of the suggested places to put an ad. 

Chat GPT

Chat GPT works best as an AI podcast tool for brainstorming. It is great to give you ideas or make suggestions if you get stuck. However, I do not recommend using Chat GPT to automate entire tasks. For example, Chat GPT is great for creating a list of podcast content ideas or suggesting alternative title ideas so you can pick the best one. It should be used in conjunction with human insight instead of replacing it. is a new AI podcast tool that we’ve started using to provide title suggestions for our YouTube videos. It can check if our title ideas are SEO-friendly and provide alternative options. We have found that it is not always 100% accurate, so again, this is where you need to use your human insight before posting. 

iZotope RX 9

There are a number of AI podcast tools for audio editing. The one we use is iZotope RX 9, which has different pricing tiers. We love the repair assistant because it cleans up the background noise, pauses, and “ums” really well. Then our podcast editors can make tweaks based on the repaired audio. 

I also chat about the following: 

  • AI-powered podcasts are NOT completely created by AI.
  • Ways to utilize AI in your podcast creation.
  • The AI tools the Galati Media team uses on a regular basis.
  • Why you shouldn’t rely on ChatGPT to write your episodes.

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