Three Ways to Repurpose Podcast Content

Three Ways to Repurpose Podcast Content | Listeners to Leads

As business owners and podcasters, we are BUSY. Not only are we creating consistent content for a podcast, but we are also creating social media content, creating blog posts, having conversations with people, doing client work, meeting with clients, and strategizing with clients. All of that stuff can feel like a lot. So, let’s talk about three ways you can repurpose your podcast content to save your precious time.

Podcast Content Repurposing: How to Turn Your Podcast Content Into Social Media Posts, More Podcast Content, and Sales Funnels

1.    Repurposing Podcast Content into Other Types of Content

The first way to repurpose your podcast content is to turn it into different types of content. For example, your podcast or snippets of your podcast can have a second life as:

  • Social media content
  • Blog content
  • A weekly email

Let’s look at social media content. There are 3 main ways we help our clients repurpose their podcast content to produce social media content.

The first is grabbing quotes or questions to drive social media engagement. Especially with questions, this allows you to create engagement with your audience on social media. You can also use this as an opportunity to point people answering the question back to the podcast for more information.

The second is an audiogram or videogram. Most social media platforms are now highlighting short-form video content, so this is a great way to grow. Facebook and LinkedIn will add captions to your video content automatically, but Instagram will not for content that isn’t directly spoken into the app. There are captioning apps like or headliner app that can add those captions for you.

Don’t forget to title the audio so people can find your audio when they search for the topic.

The third is a general post about the podcast or episode. This could be as simple as asking your audience if they listened to the podcast episode. Just make sure that each is a little unique in the way you approach it but still on-brand for you.

You can also repurpose your podcast content for your emails, no matter how often you send emails to your subscribers. Your email subscribers may not listen to your podcast or follow you on social media, so how will they find your podcast otherwise? Even if they do follow you on social media or listen to your podcast, sometimes people need a friendly nudge to check out the episode.

2.    Repurposing Podcast Content into More Podcast Episodes  

The second way to repurpose your podcast content is to create more podcast episodes from your current podcast content.

This could be as simple as inviting back a podcast guest who brought a lot of value to your audience. Personally, I would prefer to invite the same guest back multiple times than to throw in a guest who may not be a good fit for my audience. Look at your metrics, especially which episodes got a lot of downloads to find which guests give your audience the most value.

Another way you can repurpose your podcast content for future podcast episodes is to expand on topics you’ve already covered. Look into past episodes, especially the ones where you took a high-level look at a topic and see where you can go deeper into the topic. Think about where you can expand on a topic to make sure your audience is getting the most out of your knowledge. For example, if you have an episode that lists multiple ways to solve a problem, you could do an episode where you dive deeper into each of the solutions. 

3.    Repurpose Podcast Content into Supplemental Content for Clients

If you have a membership or a course, your podcast content is amazing supplemental content. You’ve already spent time and money producing content for your podcast, so rather than repeating it, use specific podcast episodes as extra information.

Don’t just point your members or clients towards your podcast in general, recommend specific episodes that will provide them with more information. For example, if I had someone in my membership who was struggling with podcast content, I would ask questions to find out what the issue was. I may ask:

  • Are you ready to create new content?
  • Are you planning your content?
  • Are you repurposing your content?

That would give me the information I need to recommend one or a few podcast episodes that would give them multiple things to try.

You can also turn your podcast content into client reports. Recently, I had an episode where I talked about the future of podcasting. This is highly valuable content for my clients, but not every client listens to my podcast. I turned the content of that episode into an end-of-year client report. Even if all of my clients listened to my podcast, the report provides them with a quick summary they can refer to when planning their podcast strategy.

After turning it into a client report, I also created a blog post for my website with embedded code for the podcast episode. I turned it into a LinkedIn article and an Instagram carousel too. The Instagram carousel got a lot of traction, and I was able to point people towards the podcast episode to learn more.

After sending the end-of-year report to my current clients, I turned it into a freebie or lead magnet people could download. The report then encourages the downloaders to sign up for a strategy session where we can talk through how they can make the most of their podcast based on the report and my expertise. So, your podcast content can be repurposed into lead generation content as well as supplemental membership content.




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