Understanding Body Language For Better Podcast Interviews with Joseph McGuire

Understanding Body Language for Better Podcast Interviews with Joseph McGuire | Listeners to Leads

When we have people on our podcasts, we need to be able to communicate with them effectively to get their point across. But communication starts before we even speak a word on the call. It begins with our body language, facial expressions, and how we show up to the interview in the first place. Joseph McGuire joins me on the podcast today to teach us about observing and understanding body language so we can communicate effectively with our podcast guests. This week, episode 123 of Listeners to Leads is about understanding body language for better podcast interviews as a podcast host and guest! 

Joseph McGuire is the owner and behavioral negotiation consultant at Clear Sight Communications. Joseph uses the ancient Chinese tradition of face reading, body language, and elements of FBI negotiation techniques to teach people to build exceptional professional and personal relationships. He is also the author of ‘Face Facts: The Art of Reading Your Clients and Prospects for Sales, Negotiation, and Recruitment’.

In this episode of Listeners to Leads, Joseph McGuire shares the importance of observing body language during an interview and actionable steps you can take right now to turn an interview into a true conversation. 

Joseph and I also chat about the following: 

  • Communication begins before you say anything in a conversation.
  • The importance of a smile and building trust right away.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak up as a guest if the podcast host isn’t engaged.
  • Factor your background and clothing into your preparation for an interview.

To order a copy of Joseph’s book ‘Face Facts: The Art of Reading Your Clients and Prospects for Sales, Negotiation, and Recruitment’, you can click here.

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