Unlocking the Hidden Book Inside Your Podcast Episodes with Scott Maderer

Unlocking the Hidden Book Inside Your Podcast Episodes with Scott Maderer | Listeners to Leads

Writing a book is something most people think about doing in their lives. And as a business owner, having a formal, published account of your business’ beliefs and practices can be appealing for reaching more people and getting more clients. But writing a book can be a HUGE undertaking. Where do you even start? Why not start with all the content you’ve created for your podcast? Scott Maderer, coach and author of Inspired Living: Assemble the Puzzle of Your Call by Mastering Your Time, Your Talent, and Your Treasures did just that, and he’s here today to tell us how he did it and how you can too! This week, episode 159 of Listeners to Leads is about unlocking the hidden book inside your podcast episodes! 

Key Takeaways:

  • Changing the cadence of your podcast as your life changes.
  • Training yourself to look for ideas everywhere –  and to write them down!
  • Using your podcast content as inspiration and an outline for your book.
  • Analyzing audience engagement, or lack thereof, for what they find valuable.

Unlocking the Hidden Book Inside Your Podcast Episodes with Scott Maderer

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book but struggled with where to start? As podcasters, we have a unique opportunity to externally process ideas and get immediate feedback that can fuel book content. 

My guest this week Scott Maderer is living proof. Through his “Inspired Living” podcast, Scott has published over 1400 episodes discussing topics like time management, money mindsets, and personal development. 

But did you know Scott used over 1000 of those shows as the foundation for his published book? Today, I’ll share Scott’s process so you can learn how to turn your podcast content into a sellable book.

Constantly Capturing Ideas

To avoid repetition across so many episodes, Scott trained his brain to constantly look for new content. He carried a notes app everywhere to jot down anything that sparked a “Hmm, I could talk about that.”

By the end, Scott had a database of hundreds more episode ideas than he’d produced. This abundance of material became the building blocks for his book outline. 

Organizing by Theme

Scott reviewed all his episode notes and pulled the most relevant 200-300 to his book’s overarching themes. His published book, “Inspired Living”, focuses on assembling your calling by mastering time, talent and treasures.

By selecting episdoes aligned with these themes, Scott was able to structure compelling book chapters without having to sit down and write from scratch. The podcast episodes became his book outline.

Leveraging Feedback 

As a former scientist, Scott applied his skills in the scientific method to analyze the feedback he received on resonating topics from downloads and occasional listener emails. He incorporated the most popular material into his book.

Podcasting also connected Scott to people like publishers and other experts. Several of these connections went on to endorse his published book or provide a foreword.

Publishing Success

Through experimenting on his podcast for years, Scott refined his process until he felt ready to publish. His book “Inspired Living” officially released on July 2, 2024 and is available for purchase!

If you dream of writing a book but hitting a blank page stresses you out, consider Scott’s model. Use your podcast as a content incubator and creative workshop to externally develop your book ideas first.

For links to all of Scott’s resources talked about in today’s episode, check out the Listeners to Leads landing page on his website!

Be sure to tune in to all the episodes to receive tons of practical tips on turning your podcast listeners into leads and to hear even more about the points outlined above. 

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