Where to Find Quality Guests for Your Podcast

Where to Find Quality Guests for Your Podcast

Finding quality podcast guests for your podcast can be challenging, but it’s important to ensure that the guests align with your goals and can create high-quality content. High profile guests are great, but hidden gems with smaller audiences can be just as valuable.

Today, we’re going to be answering the question of where to find quality guests for your podcast. First, I want us to take a step back. Before I list out all of these places that you can go to find quality guests, I want you to consider your goals.

Where to Find Quality Guests for Your Podcast

The focus should always be on getting guests that yes, are great and are incredible, but are going to create quality content with you, for your audience. Always consider your audience.

Things to Consider Before Finding Guests

When it comes to adding people into your sphere or inviting them into your space with your listeners, it’s important that we are very intentional about who we allow in. We want people who will not only co-create something incredible, but will also share it with their audience if it’s aligned. 

This doesn’t just mean that you should get only high profile guests. While high profile guests are really great, I’ve actually found that the people who have smaller audiences are the ones that are going to be more excited to share your episode. They’re the ones who are going to promote it, talk about it, and show up with value. 

It’s also important that you know the exact type of guest you are looking for when using these resources. If you aren’t specific, you might get guests that aren’t aligned. That would be a waste of your time and the guest’s time.

8 Places to Find Guests for Your Podcast

1. Friends

Ask your friends, whether that is business friends, or personal friends, if they know someone who is specifically talking about a certain topic. 

For example, I could say something along the lines of, “In March, I’m going to be talking about ways to repurpose our podcast content. Do you know anyone who talks specifically about repurposing podcast content?” 

There are probably lots of people who could talk about repurposing content, but it narrows it down. It allows you to have a smaller group of people to pull from. Without having those boundaries, anyone and everyone will share someone they know. 

2. Similar Podcasts

Search within podcast hosting platforms or places like Goodpods where listeners can create curated lists of podcasts on certain topics. 

What I love about being able to look at those types of lists or even searching Google for similar podcasts is that it allows you to see what people are enjoying.

For example, if I’m looking for a person to talk about repurposing content, then maybe I will go to a podcast about content. I’ll see which guest talked about repurposing, then I would listen to that episode, come up with some ideas and some of my own questions that I could ask that are tailored specifically to my audience, and then pitch that person to be on my show.

3. Search Engines

Search engines are a great place to look for potential guests for your podcast. Look through Google, Pinterest, and even Pinterest. 

I think a lot of people forget that Pinterest is a search engine that you can use to help you find other content that is similar to yours. Or even content you can use as inspiration for your own. 

Did you know that the majority of our website traffic comes from Pinterest? It’s worth digging into. 

Use blogs, Pinterest, and YouTube to find those content creators who are making incredible content that you know are going to share your episode with their audience. 

4. Groups and Communities

Social media groups and other communities are a great place to find guests. It may not always be a Facebook group. Here are some other places to consider:

  • Mighty Network Communities
  • Circle Communities 
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • And more

While there are some great Facebook groups, the problem is that a lot of those guesting places are saturated so it might be difficult to find the right guests.

5. Social Media

Social media is another great place to look for podcast guests. You could look on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Threads, or anywhere where people create and curate content. 

It allows you to easily see if someone has shifted their talking points or is potentially looking to be a guest on podcasts. I recently did this with a post.

These are places where we can look to find quality guests, but there may be some crossover with the information. We need to do some additional digging to ensure that these people will be quality guests for our podcast.

6. Ask Other Podcasters

Other podcasters, especially seasoned ones, are great resources for finding high quality guests. If you are part of any podcast-specific communities, this is going to be really good for you, especially if some of the people that are in those groups tend to be a broader range of people. 

I like to check Facebook Communities, like the Buzzsprout community because I know it’s filled with various podcasters. These are places where I would go in and say, “I’m looking for someone to talk about this specifically, do you know anyone that would fit the bill for this?”

When it comes to podcasting, you have to have a certain type of presence about you, you have to be able to speak eloquently about your topic. And it’s important that the people that we have on are going to be able to do that for our audience. Other podcasters will have a better idea of the quality of guests over your other general groups and communities.

7. Paid Websites

There are obviously tons of paid websites and places you can go to find quality guests for your interview podcast. 

I personally love and use Podmatch* to help me source both guests for my podcast as well as places to pitch myself to be a podcast guest. 

There are keywords that you can use to search. It’s easy to use the platform, but I also consider that people are paying to be there so they are more invested in showing up and providing value since you have the ability to rate them as guests afterward.

8. Conferences and Events

Finally, conferences and events are great places to find guests. If you’re someone who enjoys networking, then these are going to be really good places to find podcast guests. 

You can look through the speakers to see who is talking about which topics and if they would be able to provide value for your audience. How did they present it? How did they talk about it? 

Wrapping it up

Those are eight places that you can go to find quality guests for your podcast. Again, make sure that you are going back to those goals. And back to ensuring that your content with these guests is high quality. 

It is not worth losing listeners just because you had somebody popular on your show or because you had a high profile guest if they’re not going to share it and they’re not going to bring some awesome information, then I don’t think it’s worth it.

So now I want to turn it over to you. Which of these strategies will you be trying first?  

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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